The Games


Here are the proposed events that have been done in the past years and that will serve as guideline for this year’s competition. Sponsors are not limited to this list and can contact the Organizing Committee to develop new events tailored to their expertise.

CAD Event

Designing a mining solution in a CAD based software.

Data Analytics

Analyzing a large dataset to derive a complex solution.

Drill and Blast

Engineering a drill and blast design.

Equipment Selection

Choosing appropriate pieces of mobile equipment based off provided mining parameters.

Mineral Processing

Competing in mineral extraction problems involving flow chart design and mass balancing.

Mineral Identification

Identifying various minerals, rocks, and/or soil samples.

Open Pit Mine Design

Designing an open pit mine given an ore body and some general guidelines.

Rock Mechanics

Controlling and understanding in-situ stresses, underground openings, rock bursts, and ground control.

Stock Market Challenge

Creating and managing a fictitious stock portfolio and attempting to maximize return on investment.

Exam Package

Solving a package of questions and problems over the course of the 3 days of the games.

Underground Mine Design

Designing an underground mine given an ore body and some general guidelines.


Analyzing, fixing, and/or expanding a ventilation system for a mine or mine heading.

Tailings/Closure Management

Designing a tailings management facility and/or developing a mine closure plan.

Equipment Handling

Operating a piece of mobile equipment (e.g. Bobcat, Backhoe Simulator).

Mine Rescue

Participating in a mine rescue simulation, involving rescue, firefighting, and first aid.


Drilling various patterns with a jackleg drill while being judged on safety, technique, accuracy, and speed.

Mystery Event # 2

Competing in a surprise event that is often sports based.


Surveying various structures and locations to make engineering decisions.

Crisis Management

Managing a developing situation that involves unforeseen outcomes and short decision-making time.

Mineral Economics

Making mining investment decisions using financial evaluation methods (e.g. cash flow modeling, sensitivity analysis).

Health and Safety

Solving a case study problem on a health and safety problem at a mine site.

Sustainable Development

Given a case study on an issue in the field of sustainable development (e.g. social, environmental, economic).

Mystery Event #1

Presentation a solution to a surprise event problem.

Speech Competition

Delivering a speech on a given topic to all banquet attendees, after receiving the topic only 2 hours prior.

Competing Schools

British Columbia Institute of Technology

Dalhousie University

Laurentian University

McGill University

Polytechnique Montréal

Queen's University

University of British Columbia

Université Laval

University of Alberta

University of Saskatchewan

University of Toronto

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